Dave, the part-time Ruler of the Universe (bostondave) wrote in tvspecialreview,
Dave, the part-time Ruler of the Universe


Name: Dave

Age: 30..uggh

Where are you from: Massachusetts

Favorite Comedy(ies): That 70's Show

Favorite Drama(s): no particular order... ER, CSI, CSI:Miami, Law&Order, L&O:CSI, L&O:CI, Boomtown, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Crossing Jordan

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s): Survivor

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch? hmm Survivor...maybe

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)? hell no

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels? I used to watch eMpTV when they played videos. I used to watch VH1 a lot as well. I loved "Bands on the Run".

Favorite shows on music related channels: "Bands on the Run"

Do you like award shows? Oscars and Emmy Awards, eMpTV Music awards.
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