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A little survey for ya to fill out...

Name: Tracy

Age: (optional) 25

Where are you from: Upstate, NY

Favorite Comedy(ies): Everybody Loves Raymond, My Wife & Kids, Friends, and Reba.

Favorite Drama(s): NYPD Blue and The Shield

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s): Some of them. I'm not into the Bachelor or corny ones like that.

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch? WWE Wrestling with my boyfriend

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)? General Hospital and One Life to Live. Days if I get a chance.

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels? I love MTV.

Favorite shows on music related channels: I'm an MTV junkie. The Real World, Videos, any sort of special they have.

Do you like award shows? Yes. I hate the speeches but I like seeing what everyone wears and who wins.
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