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Saturday, November 20th, 2004
11:08 am
Category 6: Day of Destruction
Did anyone catch the 2nd half of Category 6: Day of Destruction? I missed it, I need to know what happened; at least who the hacker is!

Thanks in advance. :)

x-posted to tv_shows.

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Sunday, November 10th, 2002
11:05 pm
Pretty Woman and Frontier House
Oh yes! Pretty Woman is on TBS! I love that movie.

Who would have ever guessed that the whole Hooker-into-Princess thing would have gone over so big? I could see the "poor little girl" thing, but really, making a hooker the heroine. Such a chance they took.

Hehe..."Let me give you a tip, I'm a sure thing". Should I admit I've actually said that, but didn't know I was quoting Pretty Woman?

Oooh, the nasty bitches just tossed her out of the store....they'll get theirs, won't they! Mwaa ha haaaaa.

Oh, so much witty repartee in this movie. "You're late." " You're stunning." " You're forgiven" I'd like a "stunning" every now and then.

I don't know if I realized it before, but Richard Gere is really an asshole to Julia in this movie. Always reminding her that he bought her and she is a possesion. Jerk.

I don't really like Opera, but I'd go just to be able to wear a beautiful red dress and long gloves and get all dressed up. I love dressing up...*sigh*

I just love the part when they kiss on the lips for the first time. Oh man, so romantic. I'm such a girl!

You know, i wonder why they never made a PW2. I don't know that they could have carried on the whole hooker thing, but...I dunno...her struggles to fit in with his world, his accepting of her diverse friends, um..more shopping trips, for sure!

Ok, now I'm watching Fronteer House on PBS. Has anyone seen that show? I don't know if I'm getting it a year late, or if it's on now for everyone else too. At any rate, it's a damn good show. I'm watching the episode where the Tennessee family is having trouble, talking about divorce and the Clune neice's parents come out to visit her and the Brooks guy is preparing to get married.

My favorite family on this show is the Brooks, I think that's their name, the guy and his dad and his new bride. They seem to be the most down to earth people, and very compassionate towards the other families, even when they don't deserve it. I really really like those guys.

Oh no, the Brooks dad is going home! That's sad, I like him.

Oh, the wedding is going on now. I'm sniffly. I like weddings. And this one is so sweet...awwww.

Heehee, the bitchy Tennessee wife made a super shitty looking cake, and the preppy Malibu wife made a perfect beautiful one. Serves the Tennesse wife right!
Saturday, November 9th, 2002
4:14 am
Hello, I just joined this community, thought I'd say hi.

I'm 26, female, um...5ft 5in...what else? I'm in the Air Force and I'm stationed in Japan, so my TV viewing is going to be a little different than most. Pretty much everything we get here is taped, so it's a few days behind everyone else, and we don't get every show on every channel.

I've got a nifty little card in my computer, Hauppauge WinTV, where my cable goes into my computer and I can watch tv and be online at the same time. The cool thing about this is that I can take screen shots of what I'm watching, so I might be posting some pictures of my TV viewing.

I posted two TV entries in my LJ yesterday. One is a little long, so i'm not going to repost, but if you want to see them... http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=milf&itemid=29440 and http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?journal=milf&itemid=29331
Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
9:22 am
That 70's Show...
Did you see That 70's Show last night? I laughed so hard. It was sorta sad that Kitty wasn't pregnant. But her parents were so damn funny. I thought the fact that they showed the fights between Kelso and Steven were funny how everytime Kelso got nailed in the eye. He is so fricken stupid.

It definitely made me laugh and took my mind off the cough.

Unfortunately I didn't see NYPD Blue...kinda fell asleep once again. When my energy returns I should be able to make it to at least 11:00 pm.
Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
12:47 pm
Two more welcomes are in order...
Welcome to a1bold and falconcat to the community!!!

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12:38 pm
Hey I was wondering...
Has anyone watched the new Millionaire show? Do you like Meredith Vearia (sp) better or Regis?
11:50 am
Bad TV viewing...
Sorry everyone but last night wasn't an exciting TV viewing night. Tim and I watched a bit of The Blair Witch and I hate that movie. Scares the hell out of me.

We also watched Raw last night. Yes I watch wrestling. Its funny. Last nights was pretty hilarious.

I'll be better tonight I promise.

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Monday, October 28th, 2002
4:50 pm
My First Post Here!
Name: Angie or A1Bold on LJ

Age: 23

Where are you from: Ohio, but moving to the UK in just about two weeks...

Favorite Comedy(ies): "Friends", "Will and Grace", and does "Judge Mathis" count?

Favorite Drama(s): Not sure if "Montel" counts...

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s): "Fear Factor"

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch?
dunno..but I watched a show called something like "A Walk In Your Shoes" on Nick early this morning (had a toothache and nothing was on) but it was surpisingly good

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)? "Days Of Our Lives" for ten years and "Passions" since day one...I'll miss them both since they're not in the UK

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels? MTV2 seems the best....but anything that airs Britney Spears or Justin Timberlake is changed ASAP

Favorite shows on music related channels: "The Osbournes" and "Jackass"

Do you like award shows? Depends if Eminem or someone interesting is on it or not...

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3:54 pm
I'm doing a happy dance!!!
Yippppppeeeeeee!!! spoiledlilbrat joined my community!!! I am soooooo HAPPY!!! = )

Current Mood: excited
1:59 pm
Name: Dave

Age: 30..uggh

Where are you from: Massachusetts

Favorite Comedy(ies): That 70's Show

Favorite Drama(s): no particular order... ER, CSI, CSI:Miami, Law&Order, L&O:CSI, L&O:CI, Boomtown, Six Feet Under, Sopranos, Crossing Jordan

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s): Survivor

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch? hmm Survivor...maybe

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)? hell no

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels? I used to watch eMpTV when they played videos. I used to watch VH1 a lot as well. I loved "Bands on the Run".

Favorite shows on music related channels: "Bands on the Run"

Do you like award shows? Oscars and Emmy Awards, eMpTV Music awards.
1:11 pm
Now its your turn...

Age: (optional)

Where are you from:

Favorite Comedy(ies):

Favorite Drama(s):

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s):

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch?

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)?

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels?

Favorite shows on music related channels:

Do you like award shows?

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1:09 pm
A little survey for ya to fill out...
Name: Tracy

Age: (optional) 25

Where are you from: Upstate, NY

Favorite Comedy(ies): Everybody Loves Raymond, My Wife & Kids, Friends, and Reba.

Favorite Drama(s): NYPD Blue and The Shield

Do you like the "real life" type shows? If so which one(s): Some of them. I'm not into the Bachelor or corny ones like that.

Which show would people be surprised to know that you watch? WWE Wrestling with my boyfriend

Do you watch any soap operas? If so which one(s)? General Hospital and One Life to Live. Days if I get a chance.

Do you watch MTV, VH1, BET or any other music related channels? I love MTV.

Favorite shows on music related channels: I'm an MTV junkie. The Real World, Videos, any sort of special they have.

Do you like award shows? Yes. I hate the speeches but I like seeing what everyone wears and who wins.

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12:52 pm
The first member...
Welcome bostondave!!!

Starting tomorrow we'll start writing about shows so watch something tonight!!!
12:40 pm
I just joined this group.

Lets see. I watch all the Law&Order shows, both CSIs, 24, Survivor, ER, Sopranos, Six Feet Under, That 70's Show, and anything on the History/Discovery Channels.

I used to watch more comedies but there aren't too many comedies I want to see now.
11:07 am
I am so EXCITED that I'm starting this community!!! I love watching award shows and TV specials and I always have some sort of comment to make about it so I thought I'd start a community where we can all share our views on what we saw and what we think. So join and we'll get this thing going. Remember it can be anything that you want to comment on as long as its TV related. Hate the last Friends episode, couldn't stop laughing watching The Simpsons then tell us all about it.

Hope to have lots of people join. Its gonna be a fun time in here...

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